If you  missed today’s NAWBO Charlotte meeting,  we hope you find this meeting summary interesting.  Of course, we can’t give you the networking in this blog post,  but we can at least give you some great points from today’s talk.

Kip Roth

2015-08-04 12.34.25Today’s meeting was about overcoming adversity.    As Kip stood to speak,  everyone immediately realized this would be a different speaker.

“What society thinks you can do and what you really can do are two separate things. Don’t let society hold you back.”

Kip Roth, born with arms that were joined together, and no fingers, talked about overcoming adversity at NAWBO Charlotte’s monthly meeting lunch today. He has battled people telling him he can’t do things for most of his life. After 30 surgeries and countless put-downs, he overcame his own low self esteem issues to succeed in real estate sales.

2015-08-04 12.33.30Some of his advice for business owners.

1.  Educate your customers. Have very clear expectations up front so that you never have to react to a bad misunderstanding.

2.  View adversity as “interesting”.  Kip’s own thinking was transformed one day in an elevator when a  fellow passenger commented “I bet you lead an interesting life” .  This made him realize that any situation in life can be neutral – not good or bad – and it is truly what you make of it that determines the pain or joy that you experience in life. Choose to take any situation. Objectify it.  Hold it out in front of you and see it non-emotionally.  Delete the emotional response. (Yes –  to a room full of women) And make it Interesting. Interesting is good.2015-08-04 12.33.50