women-economic-agents“Women are one of the largest growing markets today, with a collective purse equal to three times the size of China’s GDP.” “Studies around the world show women generally are harder-working and generate more outputs than men, but are consistently left behind or left out of economic growth due to systemic challenges. Ensuring women are empowered as suppliers, contractors and distributors will help companies reap business benefits” states Dahlberg’s Business Case for Women’s Economic Empowerment in their October 2014 Integrated Approach Report.

Women are true economic agents. “Where women’s participation in the labor force grew fastest, the economy experienced the largest reduction in poverty rates.” In order to grow our businesses, hire employees and purchase equipment, we need access to capital. About 28% of small businesses are unable to obtain adequate funding, according to the 2014 National Small Business Association’s Midyear Economic Report.

In North Carolina the Small Business Administration in fiscal year end 2015, placed over $579 Million loans through their Small Business Loan Programs, an increase of 42% over the previous fiscal year. According to the Spring 2012 PNC Survey of North Carolina Business Owners most business owners purchased equipment or supplies with their loan.

The North Carolina 2015 State of Small Business and Entrepreneurship indicates that women owned businesses are 28.2% of all small businesses. Accessing capital continues to be a challenge for women in our state, unlike New York where they had a stronghold in 2015. At NAWBO Charlotte we are working to help women business owners meet their financial goals by sharing the knowledge of leaders in the financial industry and introducing our members to these leaders.

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