A new opportunity for connecting with B2B peers is emerging that we thought worth sharing.   b2bconnector  is designed to help small and disadvantaged businesses like yours more easily find opportunities to help each other flourish.

The site currently allows members to post “requests” – which can be traditional requests for work, (like an RFP), requests for partnership (find a partner to help you compete for a larger assignment than you can compete for alone), and requests for complimentary services (find a business to refer work to when you’re too busy or when your clients need help beyond your expertise).

While the site is open to all businesses serving Charlotte, NC, we are particularly focused on admitting small and disadvantaged businesses and thus giving priority to the opportunities posted on the site to those members.  The site is currently completely free, no transaction fees, contains no distracting advertising, and we are not a big data tracking company – so your data is safe and secure.  Please drop by to check it out and complete the registration – we open the site to business March 1, 2016!  Register Now as a new member and be one of the first companies listed.